Hero Refinance

Hero Issues

Difficult to Refinance

Tax lien is primary over the mortgage loan is payoff world.  Lenders don’t like that, they want to be in first position.

Payment is Surprising

Sounded great, then you get a bill from the county and your property tax bill is much higher.  Do you know for how long?


Often, the interest rate that is being charged is higher than your mortgage interest rate or home equity interest rates.

Selling Your Home

Yes, the HERO tax lien follows the property.  However if lenders won’t lend to your buyer then you’ll have to take a discount from a cash buyer.  Most of the time, the buyer will need it paid off and guess who will have to pay it all off?

What to do?  Cash-out and pay off your HERO loan if you can save money without lengthening your mortgage term.

– Roy McClish
Sample Payoff HERO

Typical Closing Costs

Every mortgage refinance has closing costs.  Every lender has mortgage rates.  Every lender increases/decreases their rates based on the market PLUS their profit margin PLUS supply and demand.  Sometimes artificially.

I will shop the many lenders available to me to find you the rate and associated credit to offset some or ALL of your closing costs.  If you shop just one bank, they accomplish this by increasing the rate to cover the closing costs.

All loans have costs.  Does it make sense to use a credit from the lender to pay for them?  Does it make sense to pay for them out of your own pocket?  Does it make sense to add the costs to the loan balance.  Let’s talk about it.

Closing Costs


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